Crimson Asteria Tarot

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  1. I hold deep value for the inspiration that flows into this world from a crack in the occulted realms.

We are always being guided, through a whisper, a sign, numbers, codes and synchronicity.

If you’re  an individual that takes notice of the these subtle energies, then the tarot is a tool for you.

The illustration of this deck took one year, many of the drawings are channelled, and it cannot be forced.

My preferred medium for creating the deck was mixed using faber castell watercolour pencils, prismacolor pigment markers , pen, and some acrylic paint. I'm a self taught, self representing artist.

The colour Red resonates deeply to the inner power found within us all.

It is the colour of vitality, the colour of blood, moved by life force, prana and chi.

Red is a colour which can be energetically and magically directed, and awaken a powerful force inside of you. This deck contains tasteful nude illustrations.

As much as I’ve created this deck for you, Ive also created it for me.

the cards

• 89x127mm (3.5x5 inches), rounded corners

• anti scratch matte lamination on card front

• Gold foil for card backs

• Matte red edges on the sides

• 22 illustrated Major Arcana cards

• 56 illustrated Minor arcana cards

• 2 extra cards to journey with you ( Hope & Asteria )

this deck has bonus cards which may not appear in future printing, these are the only cards in the deck with some light blue on the cards, all other cards are shades of red.


sole et luna




and a medusa card that can be removed from the deck ( or left in) and used as an altar card. It is an experimental card using a holographic gold finish.


the box 

• Sturdy two part box

• 157 gsm art paper +1200 gsm grey cardboard + 157 gsm art paper

• Finished with anti scratch matte lamination for internal and external of the box

• Gold embossing on the box

• Embossed lettering and image on the top of the box


the booklet

• 250 gsm art paper for covers+100 gsm paper for inner pages

• 89x127mm, 3.5 x 5 inches

• White and black printing for inner pages

• Cover finished with soft touch matte lamination for covers, no finish for the inner pages