PDF guidebook for mercury . salt . sulphur oracle

Welcome traveller, while on your earth journey 

tapping into the powerful imagery of this deck  can be most helpful. 

Use it as a key to help you with 

where you are, where you are going, or where you’d like too be.

Use the spreads provided or make up your own, flexibility is key.

Within you lies all the answers, and entire universes.








When this card appears in a reading, see this ancient talisman as protection coming to you, and Shielding you from incoming spiritual attacks.






You are on top of the universe. Everywhere you look, there is movement. You are creative, you are creating, you are reaping what you’ve sewn. There is a fullness in you that has transformed any feelings of lack with the realization of abundance. When you have stepped onto the platform of creating from abundance, you begin to generate more and more of what you desire. You harvest from a place of gratitude which is eternally growing.


KEY ; Growing from gratitude, True wealth, In the flow, Full, Seeking fall riches






There is still life force that is untapped even though you are in emptiness.


There is a creative spark in the darkness that you can still manifest into something.


If you have recently felt as though you were stripped of your dignity, this is a time to hold on or to become your own light in the darkness because surely in time you will regain that which you have lost.


What you cannot see in when confronted by complete despair is that from another perspective you are being witnessed as the light expression of that which you are feeling.



A life path is not linear; there are any different expressions, all different branches that you can take and then return back to the main trunk…like a tree. Each branch will offer you a new experience and a new understanding of your experience. If you have found yourself at the end of a branch that you deem unfavourable, remember that you can reevaluate, and get back onto a different branch. Look at the bread crumbs that you have left yourself on this path. Retrace those steps and see what you have missed.


KEY ; Depression, Suspended, Unknowing of direction, Reaching deep inside, Self Motivation






A new path has presented itself and the old path is not easy to let go of. You can only remain in both worlds for so long before you need to move forward with a choice. The new path will also offer you a shift in frequency and as you choose to go forward, you will find many old parts of your life disappearing.This step can be necessary for your evolution. Don’t be afraid to move forward. 


KEY ; New direction, New opportunities, Decisions need to be made

Stagnant, Fear, Indecisivenes 






You have heard this before, yet its expression is perhaps more familiar to you… “on earth as it is in heaven”;

The microcosm and the macrocosm are connected - everything is connected. Your veins and nerves are the rivers and within your belly, A sun. We must treat our surroundings with the same depth of love that we would treat ourselves with. When you heal yourself, you heal everything and everyone else around you.


KEY ; You are connected to everything, Life is a mirror






Thoughts become things… but you must do the work to activate them.

Ambition creates achievements in this reality. It’s time to identify your targets and set your sights upon them. Do not base your aspirations on past failures. These perceptions will deceive you.

You are magically potent enough to make all of your desires a reality using your divine will.


KEY ; Determination, Magnetizing opportunities, Drive, Creative acceleration, Laziness, No clear plan.






Hermetic principle, based on the knowledge that you manifest from your own will in this physical world. Everything is a mirror; your own inner-alchemy creates your outer world. Becoming a conscious co-creator of your world gives you access to work with energies that will assist you in this process. It is very powerful knowledge to truly understand the saying, “It is my will.” If you are unclear, then your world will not reflect clarity back to you. Start with an emotion, then a thought - fire it up with your will and simply watch your outer world change. Truly mastering your will is acting from divine will; the Ajna chakra. When you drop into the lower chakras, specifically the navel chakra, you are working from the collective will; the collective consciousness, which may not be the most clear place to operate from.


KEY ; Real magic, Using your will, Conscious creator, Creating from within, Clear intention






How often do you allow yourself to let divine light in?

Do you hear your name called out in the darkness? In the night?


You are like a radio station picking up all manners of frequencies from all places of density. 


Pulling these frequencies through your body emits healing light rays that activate your chakras…be sure to set aside time when you receive these frequencies to honour this practice of tapping into the broader spectrum of your energy.


When a person is able to pull these frequencies in, it is known as channelling. Maybe its time for you to open up your divine channel. 


The true voice that you’re looking to hear, is your own voice. Always reach to channel the higher part of your divine self.


“You are only wanting to connect to YOUR OWN higher self”.


 KEY; Pranic congestion, Listening to the wrong voices *not every voice that you hear in your head is one that you should abide by*, connecting with your high self, listening with intention, meditation, clairaudience, spirit guides.






Throughout an adult life, if you’ve had trauma as a child that you’ve had difficulty working through and clearing, you may find that there are situations that come up in your life that are completely relatable to your unresolved wounds. These can really begin to dictate your persona as a human being when they go on repeating without being processed.


It’s important to remember that you are no longer that helpless child.


Seeking help where its needed, to help move past these emotional patterns associated with early childhood traumas is essential.


Healing yourself will trickle through your family lineage; healing past and future generations. 




KEY ; Nightmares, Unhealed traumas, Traumatic relationships, Abuse in relationship, Seeking healing, Surfacing of deep emotions

Abandonment, Feeling exposed, Exposing trauma, Calling out family members, Healing of deep wounds, Separation from family.






The activation of higher consciousness involves many parts, only some of which that are physical. As you explore consciousness, your nervous system is compelled to upgrade. Oftentimes, waiting for your physical body to catch up to your ever expanding consciousness  will create a challenge in navigating your life path, however this is only a temporary struggle. The struggle of integration in realtime.

This can present itself as a difficulty in enjoying foods and places you once held dear. Perhaps you are having difficulty spending time with the more negatively charged friends and realties in your sphere. Shopping in a mall has become a hard pass, and drinking alcohol has literally fallen off of your table…

Consciousness is unlimited, and you will catch up and start living from a vibrational frequency. Reflect on a moment with the notion of consciousness. Witness where you stand at this present moment and observe your surroundings. Move beyond the walls around you, and see from the space above you. Keep moving up until you can visualize the planet below you and see where we are in the solar system. See us where we sit on the outer arm of a spiral galaxy; see the universe and continue beyond. Now come back to your body. Now that you have seen the vastness of consciousness and its unlimited potential, relax. This is the place you will manifest all things from. 

Unlimited potential.


KEY ; Meditation, Expanding from within, Philosophy, Expanded awareness






In sharp contrast to faceless judgement, we have ‘seeking council’. It’s important to have a good group of people that will tell you the truth when you solicit their advice. Bouncing ideas off of friends and family could possibly be helpful, but it will work against you if you see council from too many people about the same topic. You will receive conflicting notions and conflicting ideas and this can make it harder for you to reveal what your own answers are. Seek council wisely and be cautious of who you reveal everything to.


KEY ; Relying on friends and family, Seeking advice, Getting a second opinion

Not able to make your own decisions, overly relying on others






That feeling of no-reprieve. There is so much to do, there is no down time. You are not in a cycle of self-care and you may not be able to care for others very well because you have taken on too much. Your solar plexus has exploded. You are not digesting food properly, you are not sitting down to eat a healthy meal and you are not giving yourself proper healing. You are on a crash course with adrenal fatigue.


The remedy is to take a few things off of your plate before you are unable to do anything properly.


KEY ; Slow down, Put your needs before anyone else, do not over-schedule, Pushing yourself beyond achievable boundaries, Imbalanced ego, Imbalanced chakras






You have found a new way to deal with emotions. You are recognizing that you can be in control of your emotional states. Even if all that you’re surrounded by is water, you can still control the mighty rapids. You are becoming conscious of unconscious worlds and you are making efforts to balance your ego. The crescent fish grasped by Amphitrite Is significant representation of the soul and the emotional aspects of watery Neptune.


KEY ; Seek Earth, Emotional Grounding, Getting Control over Emotional States. Deep Soul Diving, Amphitrite, Neptune, Flying off the handle, Emotional outburst, Anger






This card exudes the ability and the desire for humans to want to nurture one another. However, the nurturer must be sure to be nurturing their own needs and heart while giving to others. Giving away all of your energy will only lead to resentment when caregiving to others.


This card can also be a reminder to keep your heart open even when you feel un-nurtured or uncared for.



KEY ; Matters of the heart, Caregiving, Nurturing, Extending love, a happy home, 

Taken for granted, Exhaustive parenting, Not taking time for oneself, Sadness, Unexpressed sadness, Trying to save everyone.






Self-exploration requires bravery. You will be diving into uncharted waters. This is best done alone or in solitude. The purpose is a process of self-dialogue of what you are and who you want to be. You are constantly evolving and constantly learning to redefine yourself. You are not a niche product; you cannot be bottled; you cannot be contained. You are constantly evolving. Looking at yourself is not easy because if you are involved in this process, then you are looking into the truth of what makes you, you. As humans we are going to make wrong turns and poor choices, but the point is to evolve out of those deep crevices and arrive back onto a path that will bring you closer to your own truth. A person who has deeply explored themselves, is controlled by no-one. You are your own master.


KEY ; The path to truth, Uncovering preconceived notions about yourself, Becoming masterful, Afraid to go deeply, Surface relationships, Fear of taking a leap of faith, Poor judgement






Time for shadow work. The shadow behind you is now in front and facing you. The darkest part of your being is now looking to be recognized and healed. It may appear to be external; evoked by things around you, but don’t be fooled. This is all you. You may not even recognize this part of yourself, but if this is upon you, this means that you have gone through a series of healings and this is a final recognition of the dark parts of you that remain. Shadow work can often come with activations of light. After you’ve processed all of the light, if you’re brave enough to go deeper, you will find yourself working with your own shadow. Within these deepest parts of ourself, we find self-acceptance.


KEY ; Shadow work, Integration activation, Know thyself (completely), Not recognizing all aspects of yourself, Blaming others, False projections






What others think of you is none of your business. When you stop and listen to judgement, it doesn’t help you identify your weaknesses or what you should be doing differently. It only serves to throw you off-track. Constructive criticism or … you are the sole authority of your progress. Nobody else around you knows better about where you are during this phase of life than you do, yourself. People might be basing their conclusions upon their own perceptions or assumptions about you. Stopping to wade in this pool of judgement, wherever its coming from, is not healthy for you. In todays day, this very much associated with social media. If you’re feeling that, it is a very good time to take a break; from scrolling on your phone and from social media in general, so you do not fall prey concepts and perceptions of you. Pull away from social media for as long as you need to focus on your own observation and self-reflection which is the only perspective that truly matters.


KEY ; Social media addiction, Bending to the will of others, Listening to false conclusions about yourself, Giving your energy to untrue ideas.






Coming to terms with fears and phobias that might be impeding you from enjoying life. Ask yourself what is behind these phobias; have they snuck through from a past life. Have you put all of your past fear (from a childhood trauma) into a singular object (spider, snake, heights, etc.)?


Ask yourself if you are able to move past these fears. Beginning to see that the prize at the end of living without fear is actually worth looking boldly at exactly what it is that is making you so afraid. 


KEY ; Paralyzed with fear, Fear keeping you from moving forward, Kidney stones from fear, Lower back pain.

Moving past fears, Recognizing how to remove patterns of fear, Switching from fear frequency to the love frequency, Holding yourself back.






Gaining a sense of freedom after feeling like you’ve shut down your own heart. You may have done this unknowingly as a means of protection. But while you may have shut down your own heart, you also limited your ability to tap into others. Extreme empathy can make you want to be closed; this can offer you a sense of protection. But that protection is short lived because you have made it harder for people to love you completely. If you have felt caged within a toxic relationship, friendship or family situation, find an activity that can provide your headspace with a sense of freedom. You do not need permission from others to enjoy your life.


KEY ; Uncage your heart, Self love, Empathy, Freedom to feel,Heart blockage, No freedom to love, Closed off, Withdrawn






Grief is felt in the lungs. It embeds itself as a sticky entity that takes an unknown amount of time to exit the body. It tries to come out through the mouth by wailing; it tries to come out the eyes through crying; but there is a hollow and empty feeling in your chest when you are in deep grief. When you are grieving, you may notice that your skin loses its brightness. You may develop other skin issues such as eczema, acne or dermatitis. This is grief still trying to exit your body through your skin. Grief can also make you feel like you have the flu; like you could lay in bed for endless days. If you are grieving, allow yourself the space and time to grieve. Be present for it because there is no hiding from it. Nobody will understand your own grieving process more than you will, so it is very important to acknowledge your own needs right now; other people will not be able to stand in for your deepest needs better than you can right now.


KEY ; Hurting, Loss, Grief, Depression, Skin Issues, Weight Gain, restricting emotions






The human collective is on the joint journey; while we activate higher frequencies within our realm and within our own bodies. This experience of rapidly changing frequencies will no doubt lead you to seek higher understanding of what your new bandwidth entails.


This is a time where you may be called on to take up study or practice in activating your healing abilities and waking up your healing hands. 


One of the things that people begin to experience after a heart activation is a sense of oneness and deep, deep compassion for the world. This can be a double-edged sword, as we currently live in a world tat lacks compassion for others. This can make a heart activation very difficult to manage sometimes, in a world that is currently governed by the solar plexus. The Solar plexus offers emotions of extreme joy, but also extreme anger. A world governed by the heart chakra will completely offer us a sense that we are all one being. The cosmic activation that the collective consciousness is experiencing right now, is the push and pull between these two spaces. If you are feeling regretful that you have taken the pill of awakening instead of the pill of sleeping, don’t be, because you are here to usher and anchor the new frequencies and light codes needed to propel us into the new consciousness of the prophesied golden age.


KEY ; Healing hand activation, Taking healing courses, Kundalini rising, Fear of acknowledging your healing gifts, Blocked energy, Compassion






The world is shifting back to the medicine of the Earth; to traditional medicines that bring forth true healing. As our connection to Gaia strengthens during this massive cosmic activation, and we once again begin to value the medicines offered to us by her, we may even feel inclined to begin studying herbology, essential oils and how they work.


This may also mean that you may be inclined to investigate taking herbal medicine for your own ailments. 


KEY ; Botanical medicine, Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Natural wellness

Living out of touch with earth medicine and cycles, Disharmony with the earth, illness






Athena was so full of jealousy towards Medusa that she had Perseus behead her. How do you face your jealousy? Jealousy is an expression of operating from lack and self-hatred. Because if you have your own will enacted within yourself, you can have everything that you desire; there is no need for jealousy. If you are plagued by jealousy, honour it but seek to get to the inner reason as to why you feel this way. It often has nothing to do with the situation or the person, it always is completely to do with you. “Don’t waste time on jealously; sometimes your ahead, sometimes your behind.” - Mary Schmich; but you are always exactly where you are supposed to be.


KEY ; Acting unconsciously, Operating from lack, Trying to create from lack, Unreconciled emotions






You have a found yourself head over heals. This feels amazing!

You are experiencing the most powerful force in the universe,


Enjoy the moment, wether this is new love or rekindles love,

Relish in it…

If this card is present it may also be a reminder to remember who you are, 

While loving someone else.

Love is not relinquishing all of your friends for one person.


KEY ; A new relationship, New friendships, New passions.

Controlling relationships, isolation, bickering, Forgiveness,

A wedding , A divorce.






Rejoice! All of the luck is with you. Today you can manifest great things upon your path. Watch for all of the signs.


Don’t stop believing in luck, Manifestation starts with a mindset. You must believe that you are lucky in order to experience it.






The magnificence of Earth magic… perhaps you are beginning to learn the magical arts. Working with herbs, maybe you’ve invoked Sustugriel; he works and governs Mandragora (mandrake root) and the elemental spirit associated with this root. When this card appears, use it as a sign to attract love and invoke courage.


KEY ; Casting spells, Shaman, Healing roots, Power of attraction, Elementals, Spirit contact.






The alchemical principles of Mercury Salt Sulphur, form a triangle.

From two components you Derive a third. ( creation)

Mercury being beyond duality, life and death, flowing through everything with life-force energy.

Salt is the body of which mercury and sulphur flow through,

Salt creates the illusion of separateness in its fixed crystal state.

Sulphur is the soul, flowing through the salt , expansive force.

The Father the son and the Holy ghost.

Man. woman .child

Earth . Fire . Water

These are metaphors for the building blocks of life. 

Achieving balance in these 3 principles is Essential for a full life.

You may find yourself stronger in some aspects than others.

If you have too much salt you may find yourself too rigid, too much mercury and you may find it hard to bring anything into realty or make decisions, as there isn’t enough salt…

When this card is present in a reading take a moment to check in with yourself. What are your strongest aspects of this triangle? , what are your weakest?

Do you require more sulphur, aspirations drive. Soul connection.

Do you need more salt, being present, grounded, exacting creations in the material realms.

Do you need more mercury, flow in life, meditation






Are you seeing the signs everywhere? 1111…1212…333…Shooting stars…birds chirping at your window. Sometimes the universe gives you messages. You’re noticing them for a reason. The only person can decipher what this reason is, is you. Perhaps you’ve been grappling with the truth of something, then drive past a billboard relaying a specific message about your query; some might call it coincidence, but activated people will see this as synchronicity. Because truthfully, there is no coincidence. This world is always reflecting messages back to you to bring you to your own truth. People often ignore the signs because they do not trust themselves enough to know that the universe is always there within themselves providing the path to truth.


KEY ; Seeing the signs, Pennies from heaven, 1111, Unexpected news






The Moon does not produce its own light. It too, is wise but the Moon borrows its light from the Sun. Its light rules the night and it is associated with deep intuition; the Moon reflects the light of truth. There is a possibility for deception when the Moon card comes up, and with it may come deep overflowing emotions. The Moon can signify the feeling of being manipulated or the feeling of being controlled by a masculine component which can produce an inferiority complex.






Asking your friends for support.


Sometimes you may not be seeing an event or a situation correctly or holistically. This is relying on myriad perspectives to help complete the full picture view.


Making new decisions; searching or receiving information from your council or your support group; new inner visions.


Discovering parts of yourself that you could not previously see, for now you are witnessing through the eyes of many instead of just your fixed perspective.


Looking at a situation and not being able to see that you play a role in the outcome of every situation whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. When you perceive from a multi-dimensional reality, while grounded within a duality, you have reached a level of your spiritual understanding that will allow you to see your role in everything that comes into your life. Looking at it from a different perspective can offer incredible growth. If you’re on the receiving end of a bad situation; before you place blame try to acknowledge your role in the situation. Remaining on a neutral path always offers you the chance to stay free of trouble, but will help you to learn the most when we go through the ditches.

KEY ; Looking low, Unable to seek higher guidance, Delusional, Losing perspective, Making hard decisions, tapping into higher guidance, Spiritual growth






Here we have before us the image of a beast —

If this card comes up in a reading for you it can indicate a perversion in your perceptions of relationships and love. Notice how this beast, with its devoid eyes, no mouth — the only communication with this beast is sexual in nature. This could identify an overactive sacral chakra in yourself, or in a partner. Creative energy is sexual energy, however, when you pull it up and realize it through your throat chakra it becomes poetry, music, illustration.


Remember to harness sexual energy for other creative endeavours.


KEY ; Sexual promiscuity, Sexual addiction, Obsessed with dating apps Balancing overactive sexual desires, Using creative energy for new art forms, Sexual liberation, Dealing with sexual shame






The wisdom and understanding of the material world through the maternal force of the spirit. Christ was said to have encountered Sophia when he ascended through the many hidden planes of existence. Pistis Sophia translates as faith and wisdom. When the Christ met her on the 13th level (or aeon) of reality, she was grieving and alone. Pistis Sophia was tricked and looked to the lower dimensions for truth. She trusted a being known as Lion-faced Power; an aspect of self-centred ego, and was dragged deeper into the lower levels of consciousness. She thought that if she created with Power on the lower levels she could ascend higher, but this was false light and the lower dimensions would be constantly chasing her to take her light away. The story of Pistis Sophia relates to our own soul; the part of it that exists in both higher and lower densities; the cycles of incarnation. It is important to remember that only a fraction of your being exists on this plane in this moment. Know that you are of true light. Remember how precious you are and the light that you emanate through into other dimensions. You are here to reclaim parts of your soul, and bring them into higher frequencies. experiencing life in the lower densities offers an opportunity to recognize chaos and begin a process of transformation.


KEY ; Ascension, Transformation, Come back to who you truly are, Recognize your light.





( * on the cards its shown as ENTITY ATTACHMENTS )

The ultimate in losing yourself. It started out with an empty feeling; perhaps that void inside of you, at one point was filled with alcohol, drugs, addiction…but it could never truly be filled by these external things. This unhealed space inside of you is the perfect space for an entity attachment. The low frequency - unhealed part inside of you is now a realm governed by an unseen force. The symptoms of this unseen negative force are nervous system weakness, irrational behaviours, no interest in higher frequency activities, nightmares, irritability, major disruptions in sleep patterns. At this point, what this entity feeds off of is the patterns of these low frequency, addictive behaviours. What you have tried to bury; your anguish, your shame...this is all food, and seemingly now, this is beyond your control, as it has taken you over. This is a time to ask for help. A time to seek out healers. A time to heal all that is within you. Therefore, rendering the entity attachment homeless…you are no longer its host. 


KEY ; Addictions, Possession, Depression, Sense of hopelessness

A complete loss of touch with reality, Unable to see your own low frequency behaviours, Difficulty healing, Enjoying the abuse, Indulgence in low frequency






True power comes from within and is most impactful when accompanied by deep Empathy. Becoming powerful does not require excessive force or aggression but rather a discovery of an innate ability to find answers inwardly. When negotiating the interests within a group, having the awareness to negotiate fairly with deep Empathy is a pure demonstration of great power. Power is much better when given by your team, not strategically taken with aggression.


KEY ; Emanating power from within, Lifting others up, A great team leader, Power hungry, Obnoxious, Force-full, Aggression.





( * On the cards it shows as ENERGY VAMPIRE )


Spending time around people that are feasting on your energy has got you feeling very tired. All relationships require boundaries. Allowing yourself to be drained, so that someone else feels better, is not a balanced relationship. Often times, the people needing this energy are functioning at such a low frequency that they cannot even see how much of your energy they are taking.


It is important, not to spend with people who would be inconsiderate of your needs, especially if you are feeling at a disadvantage; sometimes, self-care requires the ability to say no.


KEY ; Feeling drained, Losing energy, Setting boundaries

Unable to set boundaries, Giving away all of your energy, Having a hard time recovering






You are changing. Your 2-strand DNA is being shifted into crystalline DNA of multiple strands. This activation will change you dramatically and will also change your internal and physical worlds. You will find yourself much more connected to the cosmos and you will begin to question reality and consciousness. Where did we come from? What are we doing here? You may begin to question religious doctrine that you were raised with. Some people, through this process will also experience the dark night of the soul. 


Activations of this nature can be onset or spurred on by extreme grief, an accident, a healing activation and often can upset the structure of your day-to-day activities; you may find yourself becoming allergic to foods that you were eating all the time. You may find yourself not wanting to watch TV or drink alcohol. Anything that drops your frequency may become something that you cut out of your life.


It’s time to honour the celestial being that you are and begin the path of your dharma. You may struggle with mundane work and purpose and lean into helping people, plants and animals. This activation of higher frequency can trigger a deep desire to uplift human kind.


KEY ; Activation, Cosmic interest, Looking for your place in existence 

Afraid of change, Stagnant energy, Feeling trapped 






The divine hermaphrodite. After we have experienced separation we ascend and become whole again. We reconcile the opposing male/ female force within us on a spiritual level, and become complete. We join rather than war. The square and triangle represent the material and Spiritual world, and the number 7 representing completion. Understanding that both are needed to make a complete being.


KEY ; Marriage, Planetary conjunction, Venus and Mercury, Boundaries, Union of opposites






The Pegasus arises from Medusa’s severed head. Something good can come out from a bleak situation. Dig deeper when you’re looking at a negative situation, and find the beauty in rising out of it.


KEY ; Pulling yourself out of difficult situations, Finding strength to go on, Overcoming a broken home, Staying in abusive situations






You love yourself! You are learning to love aspects of you and your unique gifts. Every time that you say kind words to yourself, they are processed through every cell in your body and radiate outward into your auric field.


KEY ; Feeling beautiful in your body, Body positive, Self love

Not loving yourself, Feeling shame, Imbalanced sacral chakra, Comparing yourself to others.





( * on the cards it shows up as HOME )


House plans are in order. This can mean moving apartments or moving cities. Metaphorically speaking, this could mean that you are wanting to settle down with a partner and build a life together. The trick will be, the differences between you. Finding common ground will be essential.


KEY ; New House, Moving, Starting a family, Clearing energy of a new dwelling

Unhappy home, Haunted home






Stripped of your dignity, feeling very ashamed. There is no stronger finger pointing at you than your own. Everybody that you have ever encountered has felt the energy of shame. It’s part of the human learning experience. Overcoming shame requires you to forgive yourself and step forward. Learning from your mistake, to remove the energy of it from your auric field, so as to not repeat it again.


KEY ; Ashamed, Undignified, Embarrassed, Feeling failure, Forgiveness, Reconciling






Dissolve and coagulate.


You need to break down the old patterns to make space for new growth and transformation. To live freely you must break down old belief systems. When we break free from the limited mind we coagulate with the soul, and align with our true purpose. This is the 7th stage of spiritual alchemy.

If it seems that life is falling apart, ask yourself, was it ever truly bound together. Is it lost, broken or is it rather a much needed transformation in process.


KEY ; Chrysalis, Transformation, New beliefs, New beginnings.






Maintaining ritual in your life.


Still working with magic that lifts you up despite restrictions.


A beautiful bath; afternoon tea; all of these things are very important to keeping the heart happy.


Also this is about understanding that your external world is also an internal world. Within you, there are elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and minerals of mercury, salt, and sulphur. 


Beginning to make a connection from the external YANG world that you see outwardly and reconciling that it is an external expression of your internal YIN perception. You may be inclined to travel to WATER in an effort to cleanse your emotions. You may want to gaze at fire in an effort to transmute your anger. You may find your dreamscape highly activated and your thought patterns highly charged by the element of air. But most importantly, feel the earth beneath your feet so that whatever your experience is you can come back to this grounded state. Everything you endeavour to do, from an activated state and in working with the elements will become much more powerful as you understand the intrinsic relationship between the external world and your internal world.


KEY; Disconnected from the elements *the earth*, Ungrounded, Misguided, Creating magic, Manifesting






Being pulled from unseen forces.

Feeling tugged in all different directions from unseen negative forces, as though somebody has you by the hair and is in control of your every move.


This could also mean dealing with your own internal battle - of self-worth.


Coming to the realization of painful truths; maybe something has to change in order to free yourself. Separation, Struggle / strife, Control issues, Unseen negative forces, 


KEY ;  Seeing your tormentor for who they are, Ending abuse, Cutting yourself free, Recognizing nefarious actions, Unexpressed anger (Liver), Suspicious of those around you.






Starseeds are the volunteers that have come to earth at this time to ignite an ascension process. They are the souls that will move into an awakening much faster than long-term earth bound souls. Starseeds have incarnated here from many different star systems and may have remembrance of some of their traits that were awakened from those star-systems. Some people are feline people, some are amphibious, some are reptilian, some are plasma. Starseeds are always fascinated by the stars; they look up knowing that there is much more than meets the eye. There is a longing to get back there. That some innate part of their consciousness knows that they are here on a mission. A pact to volunteer long before they became physical on earth. You will be longing to meet other people that feel the same way that you do; they will bring you great comfort. Many star seeds feel depression for not wanting to be on the earth anymore, but their presence is greatly needed here. Your vibration and frequency is much faster and this is important to stabilize an anchor the earth while it is subjected to the incoming rays that are pointing at it at present. Starseeds help to anchor in light rays that activate themselves, the earth and other people around them. We are here to usher in a golden age.


KEY ; From very far out of town, Activator, The souls that volunteered, Extraterrestrials, ET experiences






The Sun returns to us in late June under the influence of the Moon. This is a highly activating time within your inner stars as well. Time to spread your wings and shine like a star. When you see this card use it as a time line within June until November.






The Sun represents the supreme source of light in the world. There can only be truth revealed within the presence of this great light. Its light rules the day.

Truth is being revealed to you, and in turn you are presented with the  desire and the pressure of maintaining the highest integrity of always existing within truthfulness. The Sun forcefully cleans and purifies your life.







She is riding the creature backwards. She is completely surrendered to another being who is taking direction.


This is symbolic of allowing another person to take some direction. If you are extremely controlling this might be an interesting experience for you. Do we ever truly control anything? Notice how the carefree expression on her face; her eyes are closed and she doesn’t know where she is going but she is completely without fear. As we are the co-creators of our own reality, if we approach every experience with the fear of the loss of control, then we will be paving the way for a fearful experience. She has relinquished her need for control.


KEY ; Freedom of emotions, Trust, Healing anxiety, Allowing others to lead, Adding fear to every situation, Overbearing, Careless






Alluring — Being pulled in.


Although the sweetest fragrance can pull you in, the path to get there can be treacherous, and the cost for landing there may be too high.


This forbidden pathway is exciting; it has many flowers, sensual pleasures — but it is too expensive; it may not be in your best interests because it opens the door to many challenges.


If you are not looking for an experience that is going to make your life harder, then perhaps it is best to be cautious about this enchanting, hypnotizing road.


People are attracted to other people that make them feel whole and complete about themselves. We take on a partner that hopefully fills in the gaps within our own selves that we have not been able to fulfill for ourselves. When one considers to break the covenant of a relationship, it is simply that they are seeking to be fulfilled. They become so desperate for that fulfillment that they don’t consider the hurt that it may cause to their partner. If you’re finding yourself in a state where you are seeking another partner while you are not able to break off your current relationship; you are encouraged to ask yourself what it is that is truly missing, that you are unable to fulfill for yourself. The truth is that the only person that can fill that void and that longing, is you.

KEY ; regretful, coming to your senses (recognizing the road you’ve left behind) Forbidden, adulterous, shameful, indulgent, external fulfillment, Past life connections.






You are at the crux of a great change and this great shift or frequency, for a while, will feel like the longest fall that you’ve ever had. Know that you will land feet first upon a new platform and begin vibrating and living from that place. Until then, it may feel as though there is nothing for you to grab ahold of, and that is because everything in your realm is changing. The discomfort that you feel right now will be coming to an end very shortly and things will begin to make sense again. This phase of spiritual alchemy is known as Fermentation; putrefaction to purification. Within this stage you are possibly being plagued by deep depression.


KEY ; Dark night of the soul, Loneliness, Shifting into new realities, Living in the in-between, sadness






The study of the whole universe; the wisdom of the whole universe.

You may find yourself leaving behind knowledge that you grew up with that has set many patterns, which during your activation of consciousness, have become blockages. You might find yourself craving more wisdom to make sense of things in a new way. The practice of theurgy uses inner-alchemy and knowledge of the planets to create pathways for change. To simplify and break it down, we can understand elements in their most simple forms; the building blocks of everything. In adjacency to earth, air, water, fire and ether, as you engage deeper in these studies you will come across the elements of Mercury, Salt and Sulphur. The keys to our duality lay within these elements, especially the idea of the masculine principle of Sulphur and the feminine principle of Mercury. Everything in its simplest form contains these elements and everything can be rebuilt from these elements. This is like the toy that you dissected and took apart as a child only to want to put it back together again in order to fully understand how it works. By diving further into this inner alchemy the gnosis of deeper meaning to life, will only enhance the deeper meanings of life to you. When you do not understand something, dissect all pieces, and rebuild it until it offers you understanding.


KEY ; Gnosis, Seeking knowledge, Divine order, Planetary magic, Ancient knowledge, Discovering ancient knowledge, Seeing the world differently, Breaking through programming






This card represents a voyage that is coming into reality. Perhaps you are going to engage in some travel; taking a trip; broadening your horizons.


In a more esoteric sense this card represents physical manifestation of your visions. Propelling you forward into your dreams - into your goals.



KEY ; Taking a trip, Journey; shamanic journey, Moving towards goals, Travel - destination, Camaraderie, Partnership






Humanity is embarking upon a great cosmic shift. This is a shift in frequency. We are in this shift, NOW. While we all struggle to get on the right path, the right road, the right dharma - spiritually and physically, it will feel like what was there yesterday, is suddenly gone and something has quickly taken its place. This shift and change is at times so minuscule, that one might not even notice it. Take a look at the changes in your life that have occurred in the last month, six months and year and you will begin to see clearly that we are constantly shifting timelines. We are constantly looking for the correct path to take. Time appears to be linear, however it is not, you become locked into certain timelines due to your emotions. By acting with clarity of emotions you will create timelines for yourself which are favourable. 


KEY ; Multiverse, Other dimensions, Co creative consciousness






Has your trust been broken? Learning how to trust blindly and whole-heartedly can one of the hardest things to do. Even though you may have been led astray from trust many times over, you will never be able to move forward again unless you are willing to work with trust. A state of trust is the ticket to experiencing new things. You cannot base trust on extrapolated experiences because trust with every individual and situation is different, and is never the same as the last one or the last experience. Trust is a rare experience in and of itself that is always eager to offer you something new.


KEY ; Walking a thin line, Trust the process, Truth shall be revealed to you, Careful not to be led astray






You want to feel victorious.The latin term Victoria denoted ‘success achieved in combat or in any competition.’ Often times, when we want to be victorious, it is because we are seeking praise. External praise is enjoyable but praising yourself is much more empowering. The highest praise that anyone can ever give to you is the praise that you will give to yourself. While you are seeking praise from others, have you been praising your self? Engaging in competition that crushes another person, is not the definition of victorious. A graceful victory shows spiritual growth and the understanding of inter-connected beings and that there is no triumph over another person; triumph is truly an inward process. Competitions that aren’t helping you grow spiritually will become less and less important to you. Emerging more graciously and providing an example for all others to aspire to will become increasingly more beneficial and worthy of your appraisal.


KEY ; Stop to give yourself praise, Believe in yourself, Accepting external compliments, Winning with grace, Petty, Insults, A sore loser.






The Sun has its darkest day in late December under the influence of Saturn. This is a time to retreat and go inward . When you see this card Use it as a timeline December until May.








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